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Boston native Nathaniel Hightower, professionally known as Big Nate All Star, is an Athlete with A Rap sheet. Big Nate moved to Worcester as a teenager, where he became popular for his athleticism and musical talent. Standing at 6'6", Big Nate All Star was drafted by Oakland A's fresh out of high school, before ending his 3- year- long professional baseball career with Toronto Blue Jays.
Shaped by his versatile life experiences, Big Nate's competitive and paternal nature sets him apart from todays mainstream artists. His father, Willie Bennett, was convicted of murder in the infamous Charles Stuart Case. Bennett was an innocent black man from Mission Hill before spending 21 years in prison. Since the Passing of Big Nate's mother in 2009, All- Star decided to retire his sports career to care for his family.
It was during his years spent providing for his family, when Big Nate began his career as a  Musician. Rapping is Big Nates space to vent & tell his life story. His resilience from real world experience and hard times allows for intense and impactful rap verses.
Big Nate All Star signed to Wu-Tang Management in 2019, and is Vice President of Worcester based record label Str8up Ent.
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